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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Missing Kevin

Kevin, painted by his wife, M'Lou McEneely
My husband's eldest brother, Kevin, was the kind of brother-in-law one should try to have, if at all possible. Stalwart, generous, loyal, funny, and warm. Which makes it even more difficult to have lost him this last Monday.

Infact, had it not been for this man, I would not have met my husband 42 years ago.

He gave my mother a job. He took a chance on a newly divorced woman, who had never held a job in her life, not finished high school, and was sorely lacking in self confidence. My mother had thought maybe she could get a job in a factory or warehouse when she applied. My older sister drove her as she was too scared to go alone.

When she had filled out the paperwork in the HR office, Kevin interviewed her and told her he thought a place in the office would better suit her, and hired her. Then for the next ten years he mentored and promoted her until she was the manager of the order processing department with over 80 employees to manage. Something she never thought possible, yet he saw the possibilities in her, and allowed her the opportunity to find them in herself.

One day, Kevin asked my mother if she had any work for his kid brother. My mother believed in always saying yes to your boss, if at all possible, and that is how my husband came to work for my mother, and I came to meet my husband.

My mother was one of many, many people he nurtured, and smoothed the path for. He did this for his sons, nieces, nephews, friends of the family, and everyone he came in contact with.  He did so quietly, without fanfare, and with grace. I can't ever remember him complaining or speaking ill of anyone willingly.  He had the patience of Job, and then some.

He was kind to me, when I didn't make it easy to be kind, he was very patient with my four children, even when they were very trying. I have a huge debt of gratitude to him. He allowed me transcend what I was, and gave me room to grow into whom I have become.  I will forever be grateful.

To read his obituaryclick here

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