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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quiz for Everyday Life

A floorcloth I have recently made fro my kitchen,
 nothing to do with anything, once again. 

Noticing that quizzes seem to be the name of the game everywhere I look lately, I have decided to make one of my own. 

 Questions for the everyday quiz:

1. Mending, which should be done first: 
  a. for family members
  b. for non family members
  c. for paying customers

2. Entering donations for taxes, what is the largest obstacle:
 a. what is the login password?
 b. what is the user name?
 c. forget the whole thing and eat a cookie
 d. waiting for husband to text the above information so you can proceed?

3. Ironing questions:
  a. should you do it?
  b. Uncle Walter's shirts first?
  c. Husband's shirts?
  d. sheets or napkins next?
  e. go read a book?

4. Oil change on car:
  a. put off one more day?
  b. get someone else to do it?
  c. use it as an opportunity to read uninterrupted, for longer then it actually takes for them to change the oil?

5. Dinner:
  a. wait for someone else to suggest we eat, faining surprise they could be hungry?
  b. go out with a friend and not look back?
  c. find a new recipe that no one will eat?
  d. suggest toast, jam and popcorn (for ruffage) and call it a meal?

Monday, February 3, 2014



Crossing miles of sky
is nothing like
miles of difference.

Between the world,
I left,
to the world
I have landed in.

Much is obvious,
to a casual observer,
like sunshine and warm days
versus snow and arctic blasts.

Barely scratches the surface.
it is the cold climate
of home,
I feel the warmest.