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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Packing for a trip

Maybe this on, or maybe not,
 decisions, decisions...
Okay. I am packing for a trip that has come up unexpectedly.  Which while lovely has created, in my mind and no where else, dilemmas to overcome.. The questions begin:

1. Which suitcase?  The larger one is nicer, but is a pain to put in the over head compartment. Do I want to pay $25 to the airline or use a smaller suitcase? This takes way more time then I actually have on hand to spend. 

2. What is casual in a hotel that is $$$$ dollars a night?  I have a feeling it is NOT my usual "casual" that I wear day in and day out. That leads to an even greater waste of time as I waffle back and forth between my limited "casual " wardrobe.

3. I have suddenly decide that I must complete, oh say, a hundred tasks that have been waiting months, maybe even years to be completed, before I can leave on a jet plane. Sigh.

4. Do I have anything interesting to read? More interior conflicts arise. Should I read one of the million and one choices I have at my fingertips or do I need to go and find a new book for this occasion. Or should I take six or seven, in case, I am in the mood for something other then the one I most likely will have the time to read. (This question stems from the one time I ran out of reading material on a trip, which has left me scared for life.) 

The inside of my very messy knitting bag.
5. Which handbag should I take? Or should I take a handbag, Do I need to take two handbags?

6. Knitting, I am sure I will have time to knit, how much yarn should I take, what size needles should bring? DO I have the pattern, or what am I going to knit anyway? Maybe I won't have time to knit. (The clock is ticking as I waffle yet some more.)

SO you can see, so many questions and so little time, which is really the best way anyway. For one way or another, I will be on a plane tomorrow, my suitcase will be packed, I will or will not have what I need (or want) and in the end, I will still live.

 Life is good, sometimes, I just get waylaid.

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