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Thursday, May 22, 2014

One Never Knows...

These peonies are from last spring,
 soon they will bloom again.

If I should die today
just a few notes
to explain:

You have been wonderful
I have enjoyed
our time, 

The shirts are not ironed
the dishes,
not done,
the ants are still
crawling in--
from somewhere...

I failed
on all fronts.

I have played a good game of:

1. Not finishing anything
2. Of incompletely understanding everything
3. Seeing the flowers, not the weeds

The needlepoint on the ironing board,
is Candice's.
The yellow bowl,
 is Katie's.
My heart--- yours.

The passwords are in the protected file,
that has been kept safe(er,
then I have kept myself.

This may all be moot, 
but then again,
one never knows. 

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