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Monday, August 11, 2014

Travels with Uncle Walter

One of the many passports he has...
Uncle Walter is;
a bachelor,
a paradox,
and alone.

not entirely. 

He has traveled lightly
through life. 
Never keeping
what did not matter,
nor packing what
he did not need. 

When he speaks of
his time in the army,
World War Two,
he says;
Typing, saved his life.
Some of his many passports...
(His mother made him take it in summer school, while at the Christian Brothers Academy.)

When he speaks of his travels, 
which was his career, 
he says;
Plan, plan, plan.
Should they inquire the price, 
I did not work with them, 
they were not my kind of clients. 
When the Telex came, I was thrilled, 
when the fax machine came, I was enchanted, 
when email came...
I went home.

I know he carries many wounds, inside and out. 
I know this because, for thirty-eight years, as the niece that married in, I have pursued his company, much to his surprise.

Much to my surprise, 
while we have never left the area,
we have traveled many miles together. 

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