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Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Lists

Flowers by my front door.
 Sometimes pictures with this blog are just random. 

It is Monday morning and the day I write lists of what I am going to accomplish during the coming week. Which sounds like a great plan, but truthfully, often ends up looking more like fantasy fiction.

Case in point: my spouse is away for a week, which deludes me into thinking I will accomplish mucho. In reality, probably not.

Here is how my list started:

1. Squeegeeing the walls after showering: thinking, maybe I will paint the bathroom while he is gone. (BAD IDEA)
2. Dressing: thinking, I will switch out the closets while he is gone. (Might be possible)
3. Preparing breakfast: thinking, I will eat much lighter while he is away. (If only this were so.)

Then I started with the written lists:

1. Laundry
2. Ironing
3. Cleaning out kitchen cupboards
4. Wash all of the floors
5. Clean off deck
6. Clean out all three linen closets
7. Plan dinners for the rest of June

The flower stand in Sunset Foods where I sometimes shop.
I am going with the stop and  smell the flowers theme today.
It was just about when I was thinking what number eight on the list will be that I realized: I am crazy. When
my husband travels, which is not often these days, but was very frequent in other years of our marriage, I would go into overdrive to fill the void that resulted from the lack of his company. I am not sure why. I just did/do.

While I have always believed: "You have to have a goal", I think the goal I will try to have this week is: be open. Open to what has to be done, open to what can wait to be done and open to the people around me.

This is not to say I will be taking time off from the tasks at hand, it is to say: I am "listing" people around me ahead of the tasks at hand, which is what life is all about.

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