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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baking Cakes Late at Night

Cake, waiting for the
whipped cream frosting.

It seems I always do my best work late at night. Or maybe it just takes me so long to get to it, it is late at  night.

I generally "save" the thing or task I most want to do until all of the other chores are accomplished.

This is because:

A. I love having a "carrot" to work towards.
B. I think: if I like doing it, my not so favorite work, must be done first.
   (I think of it as eating the rutabagas before dessert is allowed.)
C. Many detours pop-up as the day unfolds.
    (It is amazing I accomplish any task early or late!)

So, I find myself, this evening, making chocolate cakes. Two of them. One is never enough. No, actually, I am making one for a friend, (a labor of love, really) and know that my family will be very sad if that one cake goes out the door and there is "none" cake for them inside the door. So to speak.

The house is quiet, Clementine is NOT barking, (which may or may not have something to do with being dark, not seeing if people are walking past our home), I hear my two adult children upstairs preparing for bed, and my husband is away on business. (Which means, I am staying up way too late, and reading way too much. Is that even possible? To read too much?)
Favorite Chair, note: dog laying despondently
 on the floor as she sees her favorite spot being taken.

Soon, I will go and frost the cakes and clean up the loose ends in the kitchen.

I will go through the steps of putting this house to sleep for the night:
Start the dishwasher, (normal wash)
Lock all of the doors, (front, back, patio doors times two)
Put the footstool on my husband's favorite chair,
(or Clementine feels it is fair game to be her favorite chair)
Tun off all of the lights, (basement, garage, and so on...)
Check and see if there are any messages on voicemail,
(three: two that will require responses and one for window washing, which I will not respond to)

Go into my room close the door, prepare for bed.

This late night, this peaceful moment, allows me the space to gather my thoughts, thank my creator and slide into sleep, at last.

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