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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The County Fair: no silent judging here

Loved walking around the fair
 looking at the livestock. This one really
 caught my eye.

This last July, I was a judge for the Lake County Fair. My category:  4-H sewing projects, level one.  I was delighted to be asked and I was even more delighted to meet the young people that submitted their projects.

There were boys and girls ranging from the age of six to the age of sixteen. Pretty broad spectrum in which to find a common platform to determine the winners. Luckily for me the 4-H coordinator hosted a seminar for the judges, she provided helpful information and guidance on how to accomplish this equitably.
I would not have challenged
this beauty. Very fierce!

The process was to evaluate the work; craftsmanship, how well they followed the criteria, documentation of the project,  and  interview the entrant.

My favorite part quickly became the interview portion of the program. Hearing each child's process of how they came to choose the fabric, pattern, complete the item and whether or not they enjoyed and/or would continue on sewing, was fascinating to me.

All of the entrants were very pleasant and lovely to spend time with. I have to admit there was one young man that really enchanted me.

Gotta love a goat!
When I was viewing his photos that showed his process of accomplishing his project, he stopped me to make sure I realized, his cape, was billowing in the wind. (He had assembled and sewn, entirely by hand, a red silken cape, which he was wearing the throughout the interview.)

"Do you see?!" The cape is blowing in the wind! I thought of that, using a fan to make it look like a real super hero's, isn't that great?! I mean, pretty good, right?",  looking at me with glee and expectation and hoping I "got it".

"Very nice! What a thoughtful touch." I said.

Waiting to enter the ring. 
I asked him if he would sew other projects in the future.

"I have got several planned for my friends so we can play Star-wars together, but my dad says that it is kind of creepy to sew clothes for other boys, so I'm not sure."

"Don't think of it as making clothes for other boys, think of it as making costumes or uniforms for games, maybe? Use to be men did all of the sewing and were known as "tailors", very sought after, even today some of the best designers/sewers are men." hoping to help alleviate his fear and reduce the stigma of his desires.

"Ohhh. I did not know that!" his face breaking into a broad smile.

As he walked back to his seat to await the awarding of the ribbons, I overheard him say to his mother, (his father was video taping the entire event):
"I can make as may costumes as I want and my last name doesn't even have to be Taylor!"

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  1. I miss going to the county fair, I love going just to look at all of the goodies and animals that people are selling. I haven't been to a state fair since I was a kid, our local state fair is over an hour away and the cost to go is not worth it to me.


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