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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cleaning out my brain.

One wall in my "studio"

Today, I feel like I am cleaning out my brain. Dusting off old ideas, finding new ones under stacks of objects, papers covering my desk, and work table in my studio. Which is a glamorous word for my space I create in. I often pause, and hesitate to refer to it in this manner. It seems an  over inflated name for it.

Just a small sampling of the ribbons I have in my possession!
In reality, the primary space is a large room in my basement with several small windows which let in sunshine, thank God.  There is a large white table, and many steel shelves that hold stacks of; containers with buttons, painting supplies, sewing supplies, glue, and hot glue guns.  The walls not covered by shelves, are covered by racks of: thread, items used with my weaving looms, reeds, lease sticks, harnesses, and heddles.  The rafters, above my head,  hold wooden canvas stretchers for the floor cloths, and mural canvases, I paint.  There is also a flat file cabinet, to house the many paintings and drawings, I have never known what to do with.  Fabric, yarn, knitting, crocheting supplies abound, the collection of vintage ribbons is very enjoyable to work with, and look at. I have several weaving looms, one very large, for rugs and yardage, as well smaller inkle and tapestry looms. Silk painting supplies abound here too, the list goes on and on...

Actually, my husband thinks of the whole house as space I create in. Which may or may not be true.

Maybe it is that time of year. Heading back indoors after a summer in the garden.  Or maybe it is that time in my life. Either way, I do feel on the cusp. Of what I am not entirely sure.

I certainly have created many projects, thorough out this place I call home, and I am curious what the next creation will be.  Time will tell.

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