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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Madness

Again, nothing to do with this post,
 but better then a picture of my messy desk,
don't you think? *

It is Saturday and the madness has begun. For some reason, all week long I was able to put up with furniture not dusted or carpets not swept, but today, I simply cannot stand it another moment.

Which, of course, causes several dilemmas.

1. My husband is home.
(Which means that interruptions abound)

2. My desk in my office seems to be yelling for me to clean it off.
(Which means I must read a 1000 things I have put off, and decide what to do with them, which of course I cannot,  which is why they are there in the first place)

3. I want to get ahead of the work that needs to be done on Monday as I am busy canning that day.
(So, I have added even more things to the infinite list of things to be accomplished today.)

4. It is beautiful outside and my garden is beckoning for me to do all of the tiding up that was not attended to during the week.
(Truly, this is a bottomless task, that will never be done, even if I do go out there and start on it. I need minions.)

5. We are expecting a house guest and her baby tomorrow and the guest room must have a through going over.
(Of course, this always takes longer then I think, and was one of the things I was going to get done earlier in the week, so it would not have to be done today.)

6. The list is getting too long to even think about.
(Maybe I will have lunch and plan some more...which will only prolong the agony. DRAT!)

I can hardly wait until next Saturday, when this will all begin again.

*This is a picture of a sampler at my very good friend's house that I have always admired. 

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