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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Clearing

Tomato, watercolor

Last week I was away. While it is only Monday, and I have been home only one full day, it feels like a life time ago.

Beans, watercolor. 

Leaving my family behind and traveling with an old friend, I headed north to paint for one whole week with no laundry to wash, no beds to make, no meals to cook, no television, computers, phones, or radios.
Tree on the way to painting studio.
This retreat was in Door County, Wisconsin at a place called: The Clearing.
It was founded by Jens Jenson in 1935 and has been providing a place to learn, reflect and reconnect with nature ever since.
Nest, watercolor

Fish, watercolors

Twelve hour days of painting with someone else making the meals and cleaning them up. Heaven on earth! Don't get me wrong, caring and feeding my family is a labor of love.

I cannot recommend this place strongly enough. It is filled with peace, wonderful people, and very, very good food.

Go to the Clearing! As fast as you are able!
Enjoy the trees,
the quiet, the peace of being
able to create

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