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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blue Footed Boobie and Breakfast

My breakfast companion, everyday.
rendered by my daughter

Every morning, as I eat my breakfast*,  across from me is my dining companion. We have been breaking bread, so to speak, together for about three years now. It is a one sided conversation, but I am not too worried. We have bonded.   I know who has had to face rejection, overcome it and move on. I really do and I relate.

He doesn't have a name per say, I fondly think of him as "Boobie" after all it is part of his name. He is pretty good on his feet and dancing comes quite naturally to him. I have included a link here  for you to see just how he does his moves.

He had me at the first footwork.

I must thank my daughter for introducing us. I would not have ever been exposed to his charms had she not pointed out his endearing ways on YouTube.

I relish my cereal and drink my tea and gaze fondly upon him,  silently thinking, as I am a married woman; he is pretty wonderful.

*(for those to whom these kind of details matter) Breakfast encompasses: Earl Grey Tea, loose leaf in a horridly colored pink teapot with a tidy little basket to hold the pesky leaves, dab of milk in said tea and a mix of several different bran cereals.  Which came about because I once combined all of the a fore mentioned bran cereal together, because no one else in this house would eat the dribs and drabs at the bottom of the box (so as not to waste) and found I liked it! 

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