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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Night Musings or parallel time travel...

Were they all experiencing the same thing?

It is something to realize; what I lived is not the same as others that were in the very same place at the same time. Even more, to have the realization that sometimes those closest to yourself have felt, understood or experienced something so unique only to them and you missed it.

We live in such a crowded world.  Because it is so crowded, our lives are shaped together. Yet, each of us has a completely different response to the information taken in. And that information is filtered through all of the other experiences that have come previously. 

Whether it is my childhood, that I saw in my own peculiar way, or how one of my numerous siblings saw theirs, it is unique. How can this be can this not be? 

Now, with my own family around me, I am frequently struck by how they respond to situations and their interpretations of what has occurred in this home over the years.  A little like the old game "Telephone" I am sure you played it too, when you were a child. 

All in all, it is remarkable.

Humbling too. 

I use to think, when I left for Kindergarten  my mother was frozen in the same spot I left her,  until I arrived home from school. I  wondered how all of the tasks got done, while I was away and she was "frozen". When I inquired of her about this phenomena, she patiently explained what really went on while I was away.

It was the beginning of my fascination with parallel time travel. Not that I have done it, of course, but what if we could?

Maybe, we all ready do.  When two people are together and they are in different places in their feelings and responses to the situation, maybe it is parallel time travel only with feelings.

It could explain so much…

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