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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey! That is MY Toothbrush or maybe not?

This is not my toothbrush or my husband's

I am the culprit, the thief in the night or morning, so to speak.  I just found out  the toothbrush  I have been using for the last few weeks is not mine. This explains so much. Like why every time I go to brush my teeth,  my brush is residing in a new spot, and not mine.

My spot is the second slot in the cabinet, not by choice, but default. The brush in question, blue with a white stripe on the handle, had been migrating to the first spot in the cabinet while I slept every night for the last few weeks. Of its own accord?  No!  It is not my toothbrush at all, but my husband's. Mine, apparently is the orange handled one. I don't remember choosing the orange handle one, but there you have it. So, the mystery is now solved.

A "Pearl" look alike 
My only joy in this matter is:  Clementine, our dog is not the co-user. Whew! (Though I would not have put it past her.)  When the children were little, I once found my toothbrush perilously close to Pearl's cage (one of our many pet rabbits) in a small hand preparing to give the rabbit a "good brushing". Though  reassured several times by said children, "the brush had not crossed Pearl's lips", (God rest Pearl's sweet soul) I discarded the toothbrush in question, for good measure.

My husband, the one most horrified by this recent chain of events, rightfully so as it is his toothbrush I have been using, (twice a day) has recovered... pretty quickly. I must admit he is a sport about most everything, but his toothbrush and hairbrush: sacrosanct.

In this life, or at least my life, there are many mysteries. So while I am delighted to have solved this one, I am sad to say I prefer the blue handle brush. Sigh.

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