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Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturday Night or all is not lost...

Clementine: the only time she is not barking

This last Saturday, I was to go to the movies with my two grown daughters. We made our plans earlier in the week and when Saturday came; I was surprised by just how much I was looking forward to "going out".

I started the day out: cleaning off all flat surfaces in my bedroom, office and studio. There are a lot of flat surfaces in my bedroom, office and studio, so to accomplish this in one day, not evening too, was ambitious. After surveying the dining room table, I added that to the quest.

cleared desk
I shuffled through all of the papers, expired coupons, gas receipts, local news flyers, (that may or may not be interesting), new books, over due library books,  lingering books (almost interesting enough to read, but not quite) and items that seemed too important to discard, but not important enough to become permanent residents of our home.

It is a filtering process (or shoveling, some might say) and requires many decisions (who am I kidding here, millions of decisions), that truthfully, are Exhausting.

Or usually exhausting, but not this time, because I was going to go to a movie (imagine this being said in a sing song voice) and somehow this made it all seem doable.

Some of the artist recent work...

My husband went off to other places to help others "tidy up" their computer messes, and the other personnel had vacated the hacienda.

It was Clementine and me. Clementine happily barked  through all of the tasks at hand, while I started on the office.  (I was only way laid for a few minutes by YouTube videos, honest.)  I found the counter with record speed, after all, I was going to go to a movie later, must finish up, chop, chop!

On to the studio, which is a glamorous name for my workroom. Clementine did not choose to join me. There is nothing to bark at there.

This is where I: quilt, paint, sew, weave, dye fabric, iron, cut things up, glue, design, knit, crochet, and anything else that makes a mess.

There was yarn to be wound up, knitting needles paired up, fabric, recently pulled out for a photo shoot for my daughters work, to be folded up, not to mention the ironing (which had been waiting far longer then I care to admit to).

Ribbons: I harbor them, it is a sickness.
Through all of these tasks I was almost giddy with the thrill of accomplishment.  ...and did I mention, I was going to go to a movie?

Looking up from my labors,  I realized it was dark outside. I had not heard from either daughter. In fact, it was almost time for the movie...mmmm

So, I, being a parent of the new age, text them,  only to find out their plans no longer included the movie. Sigh.

It was about this time, my husband arrived home. He did not know it as he arrived, but he was about to be transformed (one more time) into a knight in shining armor.

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