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Friday, February 15, 2013

Operation Pants Fit or one more time around the track

You gotta have a goal

At our house, this month,  we have been engaged in "Operation Pants Fit" but really it should be "operation ALMOST pants fit".

I have been dutifully walking the dog every day,  riding the stationary bicycle (which is how I justify any TV watching I might engage in), and meeting my friend (who I have known since high school, when we were both much thinner, fit and in 9th period gym class) to walk laps at a nearby indoor track.

Another name we use for this program is: "5 in 4" that is, five pounds in the four weeks of  February. We like to name things at our house. We also like to quantify what the goal is. My spouse, somehow felt this goal was possible, as he ate just one more chocolate chip cookie.

Weeeeell. The month of February is now half way past. And truthfully, so have many others things past...right into my mouth. This is not working out in quite the manner I had hoped it would.

 My friend, who races through the laps with me at the track, said last week "if this does not work I am going to have to troll the high school halls for white cross"
"White cross?" I asked
If only ...
 "Speed. But they probably would not give us any, 'cause we are too old" she replied.

My brain has amazing visualization abilities and the thought of a couple of middle age women "trolling" the hallways of the high school was more ridiculous then just about anything else I could think of.  With that thought in mind, I started to laugh and laugh and laugh some more. I don't know about you, but it hard to walk very fast when you are laughing so hard.

As I have aged, I have found that dropping a few pounds in not quite as easy it once was, if it ever was. I have also found that while I am occasionally very focused on this plan of attack, I am not quite as focused as one needs to be, if they are going to accomplish the goal of shedding a few pounds.

Sigh. Once again, I am the weakest  link in my own chain of events. Drat!

So, if you happen to see a middle age women at the track, walking very fast, or least very fast for a old woman,  it will probably be me in " maneuvers" for Operation Pants fit.

Wish me luck! (But, please, put away the scale...)

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