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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

12 things I have learned

Edith, our late Hedgehog,
which has nothing to do with anything.

As has been noted in previous posts on this blog, I do have four children, well, actually, they are now young adults.

All of them have shaped me just as much as I have shaped them. When I look at them, I realize that I was much younger then they are now, when I gave birth to this bunch.  This amazes me.  I felt so old, so wise,  when they were born,  looking at them today, they seem like the fountain of youth.

The things I have learned from being their parent:

1. Actions really do speak louder than words. (Much louder.)
2. When all else fails, laugh, it will relieve the stress and it makes the mess easier to deal with. (Think white rabbit with red tempera paint, really.)
3. One story at nap/bedtime is never enough. (Neither is two)
4. Children "do" what they know, not what other's think they should know.
5. There are never enough hugs, ever.
One way or another we are always
 on our knees with children.
6. Forgiveness is the key to it all. (On both sides of the question, even if your sister took your Legos)

The things I did not expect to learn from being a parent:

1. I did not realize that I would need them as much as they need me.
2. That my husband is as much a part of them as I am. (I know, it sounds dumb, but there you are.)
3. Teaching them, would really be, teaching myself.
4. That seeing them go off to college would delight and terrify me, simultaneously.
5. That "their successes" would mean so much more to me than "my successes".
6. Forgiveness is the key to it all  (On both sides.)


  1. That's actually Oliver. I'll send you a picture of Edith when I get home.


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