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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Those Days"

I do not have one like this.

Today started when I slowly warmed up to the idea of opening my eyes. I kept them closed with the hope that it was not really morning. As I rolled over towards my husband and squinted my eyes ( my clock had died many moons ago) to see if I was:  late? preemptive? or... beyond late.

Luckily for me, I was preemptive  I rolled back over towards my night table, took a sip of water, considered my next move and contemplated all that was ahead of me in this day that was on the verge of commencing.

1. Meet friend to chase myself around the track
2. Bumble through the household tasks (which in the spirit of full disclosure, did not get accomplished)
3. Learn a new software program
4. Still learn new software program
5. Walk dog. (Otherwise, Clementine will most certainly expire)
Hard to get up some days.
6. Make a million phone calls
7. Leave a million voice mails.

As I pulled myself out of my bed, my spouse caught my hand. I looked over at him and heard through the sheets: "Hug?"

How could I resist?

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