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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rain and Hail and Dinner

It really did look something like this, brrrr!
Tonight I walked through rain, hail and blowing winds to meet my oldest son at his work. I happened to be in the city and he happened to be free so we joined forces against the foul weather for dinner.

This was a delightful treat for me.

When one gives birth to a baby, one expects them to grow up and eventually become self sufficient.  It is a wonderful thing to see one's progeny take wing and become an adult. Though I do not think we parents are ever really prepared for how much we will miss them.

It really was very delicious!
We had a delightful dinner of Lou Malnati's pizza, my son's favorite, while my umbrella, and bag dripped enough water to form a small lake under my chair at the restaurant.  The food was hot and the environment was dry, and we were warmed by each other's company.

As we walked against the wind, through the rain to the train station for home, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

We rode the train home together, laughing at all of the same things, and arguing about the things we remembered differently, though we were both present when they occurred, it was then, I realized: we had grown up together, mother and son.

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