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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Learning new things

ARGH! Always so much to learn!
Tonight, my spouse, kindly gave me lessons in how to use a new software package for my computer.  This does not seem like much, but in reality is it everything.

I have to admit, I have not always been an eager student. I just want the "thing" to work and why doesn't it?
We have been married almost thirty-five years and for many of those years (really all of those years) he has been trying to teach me new things about technology. As this is his profession, and he is the "difficult person whisperer" at his job, one might think it is easy for those of us at home to learn from him.

Balm of Gilead in the literal sense.
I have come to appreciate his knowledge on computers, plumbing (his father was a plumber and he learned a lot from him), his innate ability to take people as he finds them, and still help them.  His sense of humor has certainly been the balm of Gilead on many occasions when all appeared to be lost.

Upon reflection, I realize that he has been teaching me so much more than how to use my computer these years together. He has been leading by example for decades.

He does this silently and without a fuss everyday:

1. Cheerfully get up every morning
2. Patiently add tasks (I have given him) to his list of things to be accomplished before leaving home
    a. taking out trash
    b. settling arguments with children
    c. giving me pep talks on said children
3. Treats staff fairly and pleasantly while helping them
4. Listen to "users" concerns about new software
   a. sooth "users"
   b. assure staff and "users" alike that they can ---whatever
5. Takes my SOS phone calls throughout day
6. Comes home and while closing the door on the garage, opens his heart to his home, leaving work behind

I would not want to give the impression that he is perfect, as that might attract other "buyers", so to speak, and although we have not been without challenges in our married life, he most certainly is: perfect for me.

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