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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cold Calls or I love my life

Cold calls, a very icy job.

Cold calls are really hard to do. Except when they are not. Which of course, makes no sense at all, unless you also have had to make cold calls.

What seems so easy in my head, does not always seem so easy in reality. I am sure this has been the case, for,O say, millions upon millions of people, everywhere.  Yet, we keep doing them.

Scenario one:
Not my favorite volunteer job, but there you have it.
Mrs. So and so, would you like to be a recess supervisor for your son's class? Just once a semester. (all in one breath)

Scenario two:
Would you like to be a chaperon for the Girl Scout field trip next week? (subtext: the one where your child has been a challenge since the first day she showed up)

Sometimes, it IS fun.

Scenario three:
The school is hosting a silent auction; will you be willing to help out with a donation or your time the night of the event?
"NO< NO< NO.

Yet, somehow, we all keep asking and others occasionally say "Yes".

When I started out in life, I did not realize how much of life, was indeed, a cold call.

1. Finding a friend on the play ground the first day of school.
2. Applying to be the art editor for my high school's  literary magazine.
3. Asking a boy to the Turnabout Dance (very scary)
4. Applying for college
5. Asking, what turned out to be my future husband, out on a date.
6. Asking for my first designing and weaving job out of college.
7. Asking for more jobs over the years.
8. Asking, for what seem like a thousand parents, over the years to help on various things for our children's schools.
9. Asking for cooperation from people that have never met me nor have asked to meet me.
10. Asking God to help me with all of the things I have to ask for all of the time in my life.

All in all, humbling, gratifying, and frightening. All rolled up into one question.

Will you help me?

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