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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discovering new books versus the old ones I love...

I probably have read most of these...

I love to read. This may be an understatement.

My whole life has been bargaining with myself about what I must complete before I read the next chapter. Fold a basket of laundry, read a chapter, clean up breakfast, read a chapter, write a event proposal, read a chapter... so it goes.

I love to re-read books that have touched me. Sometimes I have a "book hang-over". You know the feeling, the book was EVERYTHING you had hoped for, needed or wanted to read. The words were beautiful the writing style was engrossing the characters were ones you wanted to spend time with.

Loved this book
Not so much...maybe,
 if I had read before John Kenney's
What if the next book does not stack up against the previous? When that has happened to me (John Kenny's Truth in Advertising versus Jonathan Tropper's One Last Thing Before I Go) I just can not read another word. It is like a fast after a feast. Necessary to take a break.

I have old favorites I read when I need: comfort, laughter  or tears, or to escape from the life I love. But, sometimes, the new ones that I find before me to read, do not seem to hold the promise that the tried and true ones do. I know, I don't want to be disappointed. If I don't try them, I also will not be surprised.  Sometimes that is is a difficult trade off.

Then...I read something. Something so beautifully written or has a story that sticks or strums a chord with where I have been or where I am at or where I am going,  or the characters become my new best friends and I can't believe I almost passed it by.

So, I am torn. I love my tried and true favorites. But, these old friends, luckily for me, are not jealous of my soirees with new books.

I am off, you guest it. To read. I have this new book....

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