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Monday, March 18, 2013

Odd Ball Days

Somehow, sleeping  always seems better on a Monday...

Okay, today was going to be my powerhouse day. You know the one. All of the laundry gets done the dusting and washing of floors, folding, ironing, and 1000 other impossible tasks finished all before the end of today.

I started early. With good intentions. With really fine instincts and dedicated efforts.

This is what really happened:

1. Awoke early (read- rolled over for a "few more minutes")
2. Skipped shower, thought I would save some time and get to that…later

3. Made breakfast and ate (dawdled here, just a tad)
4. Raced to get dress to take daughter to work
5. Risked making daughter late to work, by changing laundry load
6. Went to Target.

 (This is where the time slipped into an alternate universe)
 While looking for a new shoe rack solution and new coverlets for upstairs bedrooms, I managed to:
It has captured me, send help!

a. Investigate many things that seemed amazing and captured my eye.
b. Realize, I did not bring fabric swatches or paint chips so I have no idea what color I am really looking for.
c. Managed to purchase banana-grams, band aides dog food (Clementine says "Thank you God") lint roller and a couple of other things that seemed "very important".

Then I was saved by my walking partner, who text to see if I could go for a race around the track—Thank you God,  and I managed to extricate myself from the store and drive to track.

7. Walk around track for what seems like hours (no reflection on walking partner)
8. Pick up daughter for lunch
9. Make lunch/eat lunch and weigh whether or not I walked enough to eat 2 ginger snaps.  Decided I did (now you know why Operation pants fit…)

10. Remember to change laundry (score one, for the home team)
11. As we clean up lunch I notice the instructions for the banana-gram are in Spanish. Daughter points out that is because I have purchased Spanish edition (ay, ay ay ole!)
12. Drive daughter to work

Not my shoe repair guy, but someone's...
13. Stop at:
Shoe repair -
Me: Can you fix these sandals?
Repair guy: oh boy, oh boy, oh boy
Me: Is that a yes or a no?
Repair guy: Yes. Miserable job, but I do it.
Me: Do you stretch dress shoes?
Repair guy (looking down at my hiking boots I am wearing (note: covered in mud), looks at me with a quizzical expression
Me: I will bring them when I pick up sandals.
Repair guy: Ohhh (trailing off...)

14. Back to Target:
a. Return Spanish Banana-grams. This is where it all goes south: They only have Spanish Banana-gram.
b. I , of course,  look at all of the same things I have looked at this morning, and come to the same conclusion as this morning, after realizing, I still did not bring any of the information that will enable me to make a decision.
c. Manage to purchase several other things, which again, seem important. Sigh.
d. Texting ensures between daughter, me and walking partner.

Me: At Target, I think it is an illness. I may have to move in.
Them: I know! Have same problem.
Me: I have to pull myself out of here, before it is too late.
Them: I believe it is possible, some have been able to go into remission.
Me: Let us hope I am one of the lucky ones.

15. I drag myself out to my car and drive home, so I could write this.

I am sure tomorrow will be better, right?

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