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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Writing: random night thoughts

This is not a picture of me...
Writing late at night. I love it.  You might ask why? It is because, quite simply, the house is quiet, the dog, Clementine, is not barking (she is snoring as I type)  and the tasks that haunt me during the day are put to bed.

The results: my brain has slowed down, just enough, that my ideas are running at the same rate as my fingers are able to type. That, my friend, is a terrific benefit. My typing is fast, but my brain is sooo much faster.

As I sit here writing, the house settles down and it almost feels like it is breathing in and out, like the old cartoons, we watched as kids.

Most of my family members are resting in their beds, and at least for the night, are at peace, with their worries done for the day. Which of course, makes me feel more peaceful too.

If this were summer, I would be hearing the crickets outside my office window, but as this is winter turning, into spring,  I mostly hear the trains: stopping at the station that is five doors from my house. Funny, during the day, I do not hear them, but now, under the cover of darkness, I can not miss them. I wonder about the people riding; home, or to work, or to where? Are they warm, are they hungry, have they someone waiting for them?  ( I hope they are going home, they have had dinner and that someone, that loves them very much, is waiting for them. Now that it is late at night, I have time to think about these people, that may or may not exist.)

The night, of the day, we moved into this house is one of my favorite memories here. It was  twenty seven years ago.  August, windows open, and the summer breeze softly flowed in. You know, that kind of dry warm breeze, where the leaves make that rustling sound. (I can almost feel it, while I type here, with my very cold fingers...)

I was tucking in my two children, (I had one on the way) I heard the sound of Taps* being played. Our home is very close to Fort Sheridan, which now, is decommissioned, but in those days,  was an active army base.  I was caught off guard by how moved I was by the music**, and I thought of the words to that timeless music---Day is done, gone the here to listen 

Now the morning revelry, which surprised us at dawn, was not quite so charming.

** In retrospect, it could have been the move or the pregnancy or most likely both. Though truthfully, I think Taps are very moving, anytime.

*Taps Lyrics:
Day is done,
gone the sun,
from the lakes
from the hills
from the sky,
all is well,
safely, rest,
God is near.

Fading light,
Dims the sight,
And a star gems the sky
Gleaming bright,
From afar,
Drawing, near,
Falls the night.

Thanks and praise,
For our days,
Neath the sun
Neath the stars
Neath the sky,
As we go,
This, we, know,
God is near.

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