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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Waiting is a lonely game, sometimes.

Waiting. I am pretty good at it. Except sometimes. I am sure I am not alone in this trench.

Waiting for; a baby to go to sleep, a job to come through, the floor to dry or a train to come. All things we are often faced within our everyday lives. ARGH!

So easy to pass all of the time waiting without ever taking care of what needs to be accomplished. Paralyzed by the waiting is a common phenomenon. When in the mean time there is lots of things to be done.

Say ironing, for instance, or dishes or weeding in the garden (I am a frequent offender) tasks at hand, that our hands don't seem to want to do, while we are waiting.

Today, I am waiting for everyone to come home, an email with an answer and the dryer to finish it cycle. Why the dryer, I will never know, as all it means is: more clothes to fold. (Though it is nice to finish a task.)

This is the kind of iron I have. 
So, today, I tried to work on all of the pesky tasks that have been haunting me the last few weeks, while I wait.

So far:
1. Ironed fifty napkins (yes, 50)
2. Ironed one dozen shirts
3. Mended two pairs of trousers (for a friend's mother)
4. Ironed eight pillowcases
5. Ironed two sets of sheets
6. Hemmed rain coat for an elderly friend
7. Folded eight baskets of laundry
8. Put away, said laundry
9. Re-hemmed a dress for daughter
10. Wrote this post.

What I have not done:
1. Checked my email dozens of times (maybe or maybe not)
An instrument of torture.
2. Played solitaire (tempting, but no)
3. Watched T.V.
4. Snacked (definitely thought about it)
5. Talked on phone (hard to iron on phone, second thought maybe next time...)
6. Rode exercycle (should have)
7. Walked Clementine (Really should have)
8. Still did not snack (really should get extra credit for this)
9. Read any books (wanted to very much)
10. Take a nap (also seemed like a good idea)

So as you can see, I am feeling very virtuous.  Sigh, I am still waiting.

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