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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vernal Equanox or Spring Cleaning

If only my arms looked so good!

It is not lost on me, that today, the first day of spring, I have been a cleaning madwoman.

Ironic, to the core.

After all the term "Spring Cleaning" has been around since before I was born, so surely it is a time honored tradition.

Earlier this week, I had been looking for this burst of energy, without much success. Today, it arrived like a tornado. No joke.

I was dusting places high and places low and found that dog hair really is the enemy. If only that could be used by the Pentagon:

--No, not dog hair! Anything but that, what you want us to close down that nuclear reactor, only if you don't send the dog hair here!--

Alas, that most likely will not work.

I found items I had not even realized were missing and that made it all the easier to send them off to one of the , oh eight hundred million charitable clothing organizations, that call me every week.

There is one organization that calls me where the woman on the other end of the call is sounding more and more like an old friend.

This NOT the truck, just an example...
In fact, I did not hear form her for a bit and I was a little worried about her. I mean, she has been calling me for twenty-seven years, if something happened to her, I would never know. (I need to get out more). When Marge, that is her name, called, finally after a month or two, I was so happy to hear her crackily voice.

Marge: Hello, how are you today, do you have any clothing or small household items for us? We will have a truck in your neighborhood next Tuesday, I will send a post card, you know the one, yellow with the date we will be picking up.
 (No breath, at all. This woman has heard a lot of rejection and wants to get her words in while she can)

Me: MARGE! I am so glad to hear your voice! Have you been well, I had not heard from you in a while and was worried?

Marge: Well. actually, this is her daughter. Marge has been pretty sick, I am just helping her out. Do you have any items? Still same address and on front porch?

Me: Gee, you sound just like her. I hope she is better soon, and yes, everything is the same and I will have a few bags for you. Tell her I said "Hi"

Marge's Daughter: Okay.
(Hanging up like she is a bit spooked and I can't say that I blame her as I type this out, it does sound kind of weird!)

This is not me.


Anyway, my house is cleaner, the closets emptier, kitchen cupboards tidier and I am very happy.


  1. Naomi,
    Would you come to my house, please, please, pretty please.
    Love your sister and best friend with a home in need of a spring "updo" -- Nanc

  2. Just name the day! I will be there, with bells on and hopefully no stray dog hair upon my person to corrupt your home.


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