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Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh Please! Clementine a-waits

Ready? Please, aren't I waiting nicely?

Everyday, I am greeted by a smaller than average Australian Shepherd.  Everyday, I am reminded that it really takes so little to love life, if you are a dog. Breakfast at seven and walk a little later in the morning and if everything is good, a few other dogs to play with in the fields near our home.

Unfortunately, I was away for ten days and Clementine, the aforementioned dog, has suffered greatly. I would love to think: it is because I was away and she could not live with out me, but I know better.  It is because, while I was away, she spent a great deal of time waiting for the other members of her pack, AKA: my husband, or the two adult children, that still live at home, to return home from work.

Clementine, resting in the Tomato beds.

Since I have returned home, my time has been spent taking care of  mundane tasks: mail, laundry, recovering from "no see 'um" bites. Along with the other numerous tasks, crying for attention,  I have been attempting to bring the "exercise void" up to the proper quota of a herding dog's standard.

While this "opportunity for exercise"  it is good for the "operation pants fit" program,  not so much for the rest of my day.
So, between applying coats of roll on Bendryl, to quell the desire to itch through wool socks, (darn those little bugs!), and clearing off counters, I have been wading through: mud, sleet and snow for my little barking friend, Clementine.

I often complain about her barking. But...if I am truly honest, I must admit, it would be much too quiet around here without her. So, forgive me, I must go...and walk one more time around the block...with Clementine.

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