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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilts or always behind schedule

While I attempt to be timely and prompt in all arenas of my life, (For instance: all of my four children arrived early, see sometimes I do things ahead of schedule.), I often fail. As much as I plan, prepare and organize things ahead, deadlines often escape me.

One of the finished quilts, Alleluia!
For my nieces, nephews, and friends that have recently gotten married, I like to make quilts for part of their wedding present. By recently, I mean in the last four years.

I am happy to say, that while being unemployed has not been part of my plan, it has given me plenty of time to catch up on sewing these quilts.  So far, since September, I have finished: 5 quilt tops, had the tops machine quilted, finished the binding and sent them off to their respective recipients. Whew.

Some of the quilt tops were appliqued with lace doilies. These pieces of lace were made by various family members and it seemed like a great way to showcase their handwork.   I had been storing these pieces of lace for a really long time, wracking my brain on how to use them.  Quilting them in place helps insure that I will never have to stretch these pieces of lace, in my life time, again. (of course, I did not think to photograph them!)

Other quilt tops have been pieced with fabrics I have collected in my travels. Then I have sewn trim from my rather large stash of vintage French ribbons (still a lot of them left, mmm).
Just need to bind this one: then out it goes!

And still others, have been quilt tops made out of various vintage quilt squares I have "inherited" and added to, making the finished size a bit larger.  (Think: no one else wanted these bits and pieces and so I brought them home and housed them for the last 20 years)

I have been on a quest to complete not only the quilts that I have sent off to the various newlyweds, but also to complete projects and ideas that have been on the back burner for years. It has been a good use of my energy and time during this period of reflection about what I will do for employment in the coming years.

I have only two more quilts left to make for wedding presents. I am almost paralyzed by these last two. They are for my son and daughter that have both gotten married in the last year and half.

While I wanted all of the gifts to be lovely and meaningful, I want these two to be even more so. I want these two quilts to wrap my grown, married children with love, and hope and faith for a married life that is to be a beautiful journey, even when nothing seems that way. I want these quilts to be hugs from me on dark days and reminders that they are loved and always will be.

So, when I look at the fabric choices and the pattern choices and the stitch pattern choices, none seem enough. In reality, I know that the physical will never be enough. It is the life time of caring, that really matters, so I will have to let those expectations go, and just start sewing.

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