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Monday, May 6, 2013

Conversations (overheard while running errands)

Once more, not my shoe repair, but you get the idea...

So, Saturday. While I was running, oh say a million, annoying, but necessary errands, (think: cleaners, market, shoe repair, and on and on and on...) there were many conversations that were going on around me.

Shoe Repair:
"Do you mean I have to bring the ticket or you can't find my shoes? Really? They are black and have heels."
"No ticket, no find. You want come back here  look? That five dollar."
Five dollars? To look? Really?
Just so many to look through!
Shoe repairer shaking head in firm conviction, "Yes."
"Geez, there are a lot of black shoes with heels, are these it, no, these, no..."

"Do I have any shirts here today?  Or clothes or...?"
"What you name?"
"Where is the other lady? She knows my clothes. Oh, my name?"

Lots to hear in the aisles...

"I wish we could all go outside and eat grass, I am so tired of making dinner."
Cashier not sure what to say.
"I mean, really, every day, another meal to make, another meal to clean up, another trip to the store, another  bunch of food to put away. On and on."
Cashier looking like: I hope this lady will sign the slip and leave SOON.
"Don't' you think so too, you are awfully quiet, do you speak English?"

Gas Station:
Person on cell phone while filling tank:
"Just have to find a babysitter, do you know anyone?"
(Must be listening to other person for it is silent)
"Anyone? Not an axe murderer or anyone like that, but, I mean really, any ideas?"
Another pause.
"How about you?... Oh, that is right, I am going with you."

As I was driving back home thinking about these and other things I had overheard, I realized, I have been "that person". The one that lost the "ticket" or assumes the cleaners will "know" or could cry at the thought of another dinner to be made or needing a babysitter so desperately.

I have,(I am sorry to say), on occasion made snap judgements from the snippets of conversations of others. My goal, as I continue on through my everyday life, is to give them (and myself) the benefit of the doubt.


  1. I'm remembering that it was an overheard conversation that inspired DES to write Miss Buncle's book.....At least, I think that's what I'm remembering!


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