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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wondering-- do you do that too?

Clementine with a friend. Notice: not barking.
Somedays, I wonder. I think you know what I mean. Things happen or people behave in odd or strange ways that seem all out of proportion to the series of events in front of them.

Dogs won't stop barking (a common occurrence here)  or the house taxes come on the same day as the quote for the painter name it.

I often find myself observing the ironies of life along with the juxtapositions of events before me and think: What did the early explorers do?

James Cook was not home much,
by the looks of his path.
Odd question, I know, but really, what did they do?

Did James Cook, as he sailed around the world, worry about whether or not things back home were okay?
If his uniform was going to be cleaned in the near future? Or was it cleaned frequently by some lowly cabin boy?

Are they saying: Let us go this way and stay dry?

Or Lewis and Clark? Did they walk in wet boots and shoes as they traversed the rivers of Western America?   Of course they did, without any of the amazing products we have today to keep dry. Yet, they put one foot in front of the other and charted the Louisiana Purchase. Thank you Thomas Jefferson, we are forever change by your forethought.

There would have been no Mount Rushmore without that purchase. (Not that I have been, but I did enjoy the Alfred Hitchcock movie, that featured it.)

Our guy: Vasco.
Or Vasco da Gama? Any thoughts about the everyday tasks of running anything besides a ship? Not to mention what did women do while their husbands were gone?  For money? Home repairs? And all of those millions of decisions that have to be made when you have a home and children.?

Probably, somewhere there are books or letters or something that addresses all of these issues. I may have even read some of them, If I gave it any real thought, I might even remember what I may have read about all of this.

Mostly, I wonder and am glad that, while I do not have all of the answers to everything, ( if truth were to be told, I hardly have any answers for most things) but, I do have the ability to find out, should I choose to stop wondering and go look.

That... is something.


  1. Cook would have had a personal servant from the ranks, as did all senior Royal Navy officers.

  2. Of course he did. He was the big cheese! Thanks for the info.


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