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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Knocking sense into my head, literally.

Darling Clementine.
Okay. I just spent the last quarter of an hour trying to find the root of the expression of "knocking some sense into someone". That alone should tell you quite a lot.

Earlier today, I was walking Clementine (our esteemed dog) and  I managed to walk right into a tree. I would like to think  it was because of the broad brim hat that was upon my head, which I wear to keep the sun off of my fair and delicate skin, but no. Most likely not.

The blow I administered to my forehead was so potent, for a few minutes I saw stars. Many stars. I did remain standing and thanks to my dear friend, managed to go on and finish the walk.

Where we were walking before
 the head bump.

Truth be told, the hit upon my head was not my favorite activity today, but better then some to the other things I have encountered. It certainly triggered a visceral response to all I have been thinking about.

So.  I think the force of my person hitting the tree, has knocked out of me all of the puzzling thoughts and emotions about everything I have been grappling with these last few days. None terrible or life shattering, just eye opening, both literally and figuratively.


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