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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gardens--many hands make light work

How does your garden gorw?

I love gardens. I love to garden. I love watching the seeds, bulbs, tubers or bare root, sprout and grow into large, lovely, plants.

I have poured over catalogues all winter and have dreamed about what my garden will look like this summer. I have a really well developed imagination. So while that comes in handy in planning a garden, it sometimes gets me in trouble.

Where it gets me in trouble is; due to a very serious and long illness a few years ago, I no longer am able to actually do the work that needs to be done. So to make my garden lovely, I rely upon the kindness of my husband and children.

Every year, since I was rendered unable to work in the dirt, I have requested, for mother's day or birthday or any day, for that matter, the gift of these fine individual's time and efforts.
Just love the packets...

Each time this is requested, I am struck by the amount of cooperation they extend to the project. Now this does not mean that it is done without comment. For, truthfully, that is not the case.

The last few years my daughters have been very engaged in vegetable gardening. My daughter's husband, has been building raised beds in the yard for the tomato plants. This will be the third year and the third bed built.

The tomatoe beds are kind of like these.

"Crop rotation" my daughter said  when I asked about the third bed. This was music to my ears, to hear her talk like this. I had always hoped that one day my progeny would also love to garden.

So in a few weeks, the troops that no longer live here and the ones that do, are going to fulfil my mother's day present and work together to make my dreams come true.

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