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Friday, May 24, 2013

Friends and what it takes to be one.

A variety of the flowers  purchased.

 "He was a friend who listened without a clock and without anticipation of results." 
(read in a recent obituary)

After reading the above sentence this morning, I went about my day of:

1. Driving various family members here and there
2. Shopping for flowers to be planted in the garden
3. Working on several project I am employed to take care of
4. Cleaning up the breakfast debris
5. Walking the dog with my friend 
(We now are outside walking instead of the track, as the weather has lured outdoors.)

Whilst I was doing all of these activities, I found myself coming back to that sentence again and again.
Just love these flowers.

How to listen without thinking of the time or what else one needs to do? Or how to let go of expectations from the effort expended with another person?  Both easier said than done. Anyone that has had a spouse or child will agree. 

When I am out somewhere, I am often struck by how many people are together and looking at their phone and not each other. It happens all over the place. I see it in restaurants  church, the park, at the train station and even at people's homes I have been invited too. I wonder about this behavior. I know, it has been written about, commented on and debated at every turn. I doubt I can add anything new or profound on this cultural situation. 

Think I will just stay with th flower theme.
What has this got to do with this quote? Everything. Why? Because, if we as people do not value the person right in front of us enough to look them in the eyes, and hear what they have to say, what is to become of us?

How can we have so many ways to connect and be so unconnected? 

For I believe we are all in this together. That is my hope.  And listening as though there is not a clock ticking or a text waiting (with a better offer) leads one to: being a friend who will hear with their eyes, see with their heart, and bond with their soul.

I will now get down off of my soap box, and try to practice what I write.

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